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Follow Your Heart - Virtual Art Lessons for Teens and Adults

Acrylic Painting

Remember, the key to a successful acrylic painting is to have fun and experiment with different techniques. Feel free to express your creativity and make the artwork your own.

Here is a list of supplies you will need for this painting. 

L I S T   O F  S U P P L I E S

1. I use a filbert brush in the video.

Brushes set of 12 sizes

2. Acrylic paint, here are several brands I recommend.

Liquitex Tube Acrylic Paint - Student Grade Called Basics

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic introductory set

3. The canvas I am using is 14" x 20". You do not have to paint that large it you do not want to.

You can get canvas in 2 packs. 

2 Pack Canvases for Painting with 9x12", Painting Canvas for Oil & Acrylic Paint


Prepare Your Workspace:

Set up your canvas or painting surface on a flat and protected work surface. Ensure you have all your materials ready.

Sketch the Heart:

If you're comfortable, lightly sketch the outline of a heart on the canvas using a pencil. This step is optional, and you can also freehand the heart directly with the paint.

Select Your Colors:

Choose the color you want for your heart. Traditionally, red is used, but feel free to experiment with different colors. Squeeze a small amount of the chosen paint onto your palette.

Apply the Base Color:

Using a paintbrush, fill in the heart shape with your chosen color. You may need to apply multiple layers for a more opaque finish. Allow each layer to dry before adding the next.

Add Texture or Patterns (Optional):

If you want to add some texture or patterns to your heart, consider using a palette knife or a different brush. You can create interesting effects by stippling, cross-hatching, or using other techniques.

Create Shadows and Highlights (Optional):

To give your heart dimension, consider adding shadows and highlights. Mix a darker shade for shadows and a lighter shade for highlights. Apply these colors strategically to enhance the 3D effect.

Clean Up Edges (Optional):

If you sketched the heart and want clean edges, you can use painter's tape to mask off the area around the heart. Remove the tape once the paint is dry to reveal a neat edge.

Let It Dry:

Allow your painting to dry completely before adding any additional details or layers.

Sign Your Artwork:

Once your heart painting is dry and you are satisfied with the result, sign your artwork in a corner or along the edge.

Protect Your Artwork (Optional):

If you want to protect your painting, you can apply a clear acrylic sealer or varnish once the paint is completely dry.

Course curriculum

    1. Follow Your Heart Acrylic Painting

    2. Heart Acrylic Painting Part 1

    3. Heart Acrylic Painting Part 2

    4. Heart Acrylic Painting Part 3

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Along the way, she taught a variety of art classes for ages 4 to 85. She created her own curriculum for classes at the Vista Art Foundation’s Gallery 204 and held teaching positions at several Montessori and Catholic schools. Karen has taught kids classes and camps, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

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“This class exceeded my expectations! Karen is very clear and guides you step-by-step in the creative process! It makes it easy to follow her instructions. Both my 6 year old boy and my 9 year old girl loved the crazy paint class. They keep creating more and more pictures. Great job Karen and Thank you.”

-Marco S. (Father)

“What a great lesson, what else can I say. Good and very useful examples, nice tips that you can apply right away. Enthusiastic and clearly explained. Thanks again for this lesson. My whole class loved this project.”

Jesse J. (Art Teacher)

“Mss Karen is so creative and helps us be more creative than most teachers. She helped me take a simple project like the sun line lesson and make it so much more interesting. ”

Kayla E. (Age 14)

“Mrs. Barge is my favorite teacher. I have taken every one of her summer and winter camps. She is now teaching me how to paint acrylic on canvas. My mom says we have run out of room for my art. We are going to have to buy another house.”

Ashley S. (Age 8)

“Love Karen’s enthusiasm level, and personality. Her class is done well in every way: organized, actionable, great pace. Her drawing prompts and suggestions are going to be very helpful to me. The downloadable documents were very helpful to re-enforce remembering. Thanks Karen!”

Linda Mae O.

“As a beginner artist, I truly appreciated your “ease” in your demeanor: you are very approachable, Karen, and easy to be with. Your projects have a positive aura, confident yet not intimating which allows a pleasant environment to create art! I loved your video workshops … I also loved the Christmas Paint Party”

Aly Dobek (Retired Beginner Artist)