🟡 How to Draw a Raccoon

with Colored Pencils

Let’s use texture to draw the fir on a Raccoon. In this lesson we will learn about texture. We will first draw the Raccoon with markers and then color him with strokes of colored pencils. Next learn how to draw and color a pink donut.

What you get.

How to Draw 3 Dimensional Shapes and Forms

We will draw and color a 3-D 3 Layered Cake

Virtual Art Lessons for Teens

Intermediate - Learning Form, Shading, and how to draw 3 dimensional shapes

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Drawing three-dimensional (3D) shapes involves creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface.

In this class, we will look at the video on how light hits an apple and creates a shadow. Then, we will learn how to draw and color objects so that each object looks three-dimensional, even though it’s on a two-dimensional piece of paper. 

This lesson is great for 5th through high school art students. 

After practicing we will draw a 3 layered cake and color it with colored pencils. The BONUS videos are to learn to paint the 3 layered cake with watercolor paint.

How to Draw 3 Dimensional Shapes and Forms

We will draw and color a 3-D Three Layered Cake

17 Lessons - 4.5 hours of instruction for only $47.00 After practicing we will draw a 3 layered cake and color it with colored pencils. The BONUS videos are to learn to paint the 3 layered cake with watercolor paint.

Welcome to Sunny Art Academy Online Art Classes

Bringing the art studio to the whole family!

In Summer 2023 Karen combined children's, teen, and adult video art classes into one website, Sunny Art Academy. Art lessons are 🌈 color-coded, blue for 🔵 beginner, yellow for 🟠 intermediate, and red for 🔴 advanced. Anyone one can be a beginner. If you have been drawing and painting for a while you could be intermediate or advanced.

The combined classes for children's, teen, and adult classes, include how to draw, paint in acrylic and watercolor. They are combined on one platform, so no matter what age you are, you can learn to draw, paint, create, and take it to the next level. Isn't that cool? 😎 

Our kid-tested art classes are filmed in real-time, but remember, if we go too fast, you can pause the video and catch up. Each lesson has easy-to-follow, detailed step-by-step instructions in Drawing and Painting. You can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced art lessons. Each student has a choice where they want to start.

Do you want a plan? Elements of Art 101, each lesson builds on the first one. We introduce a person to drawing, painting, composition, and fundamentals. It is as if you were in a class at a private art school. This class series starts as young as four years old and goes up to 12 or 13 years of age (K-6th grade). The videos that are part of this Art Curriculum all have Online Video ART Classes + downloads. The download PDFs include information about the subject, like penguins, the ocean, or history lessons on famous artists.

“The How to Draw Series with Markers” is a series of short videos showing how to draw, blend and shade with markers. Many of the videos are holiday related. You can choose from how to draw animals to how to draw mushrooms. This series is cute, funny, and cartoony style.

All of the lesson and bundles have been put into levels. 

🔵 Beginner for young as old as 4 years old with help or someone starting to draw. Very one has to start somewhere. 

🟡 Intermediate for you who want to advance and increase you skills to the next level. Need al little help with ideas, I have challenges for all ages.

🔴 Advanced You are hot. You can draw, mix colors and have the skills to go the next level. Maybe make a career with your amazing art.

I'm Karen

Karen Brake Barge is a native Texan born and raised in Dallas, now living in southern California.

Karen received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from The University of North Texas and went back to school to get a degree in Computer Graphics in Multimedia a few years later. In 1992, Karen pursued a career in California as a graphic designer in the video game industry. She worked for GTE/Verizon for 9 years. After that she ran her own graphic design corporation for 6 years.

Along the way, she taught a variety of art classes for ages 4 to 85. She created her own curriculum for classes and art camps at the Vista Art Foundation’s Gallery 204 and held teaching positions at several Montessori and Catholic schools for more than 15 years.

“Realizing that the arts allow for pure excitement and true expression I am excited to teach you everything I can. I want to be the one to enrich the lives of children and adults through the arts.” -Karen

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“This class exceeded my expectations! Karen is very clear and guides you step-by-step in the creative process! It makes it easy to follow her instructions. Both my 6 year old boy and my 9 year old girl loved the crazy paint class. They keep creating more and more pictures. Great job Karen and Thank you.”

-Marco S. (Father)

“What a great lesson, what else can I say. Good and very useful examples, nice tips that you can apply right away. Enthusiastic and clearly explained. Thanks again for this lesson. My whole class loved this project.”

Jesse J. (Art Teacher)

“Mss Karen is so creative and helps us be more creative than most teachers. She helped me take a simple project like the sun line lesson and make it so much more interesting. ”

Kayla E. (Age 14)

“Mrs. Barge is my favorite teacher. I have taken every one of her summer and winter camps. She is now teaching me how to paint acrylic on canvas. My mom says we have run out of room for my art. We are going to have to buy another house.”

Ashley S. (Age 8)

“Love Karen’s enthusiasm level, and personality. Her class is done well in every way: organized, actionable, great pace. Her drawing prompts and suggestions are going to be very helpful to me. The downloadable documents were very helpful to re-enforce remembering. Thanks Karen!”

Linda Mae O.

“As a beginner artist, I truly appreciated your “ease” in your demeanor: you are very approachable, Karen, and easy to be with. Your projects have a positive aura, confident yet not intimating which allows a pleasant environment to create art! I loved your video workshops … I also loved the Christmas Paint Party”

Aly Dobek (Retired Beginner Artist)